Friday, March 6, 2009

Ok, that's all and I'll tell you that I'm in the center of the picture on the left. Cute aren't I. That's my mii and we work out every day and I'm getting better every day on all the games on wii fit.

Just a couple more......

Aren't all these guys cute?

Still more are comming, isn't this fun!

Ok so I'm not very good at importing pictures. I will keep trying.... so pay attention and see how many you recognize.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well since my birthday lots has happened. Halloween was next no biggie, next was Thanksgiving for me this year at Loralie and Curt's along with Jesse & Kriss & family, Melissa Ryan & family along with Daniel and LaNell. It was very nice. Daniel BBQ'd the turkey and it was very tender and delicious. Next came Christmas and thanks to LaNell and Katie (who took over for me) we had a Webb Christmas party and it was very enjoyable. I have a new camara and took a few pictures which I am going to post below. See if you can recognize who was there. I might even give a prize to the one who can name the most.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Better late than never

I didn't think it would be so long for me to update but I have been very busy at work and don't have internet at home so I have to wait until there's a little breather. The election is over, The Hematology Organ System is almost over and I became a year older since I last wrote. I am now too old to die young but still feel pretty good and want to live longer still. I am very excited for Jason and Brook who had their twins last week. Two baby boys who were both in the 6 lb range. Congratulations and I hope you feel better fast Brook as you are going to be very a busy mom with Taylor, Parker, Jonathan Bryson and Jerry Cadon (twins to be called by 2nd name like Taylor and Parker) . Last night I voted (not that it make much difference) but I did my patriotic duty and felt good about doing it. Afterwards I was invited to dinner with LaNell and Katie so we went to The Red Lobster and I ate until I couldn't eat any more and it was sooooooo good. I'm very sorry that I don't have any cute pictures but my camera died and until I buy a new one I can't take cute pictures. Soon though. I bought myself a couple of new pair of glasses and I'm really enjoying them. Why two you ask, well when you brake the only pair you have you will understand. One of them is transitional (turns dark in the sun) and I'm really enjoying that. Next, I'm saving for hearing aids, then you had all better be careful what you say about me, that now I can't hear, cause I will feel bad if I hear you say bad things. I love everyone's blog and I especially love seeing you make comments to each other. This is really a wonderful way to stay somewhat in touch with each other and at least know what is going on in each others lives.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Well Saturday I was excited to be going to the BYU football game as I have been going to all of the home games this year with Jerrold, Laniece, Stephanie and Dallas. Saturday I got up to much cooler weather in fact when I got home from a meeting I had to go to it was raining and changing to slush. I thought oh no - I don't have good winter clothes for the football game. Well I went and bought thermal underwear and put on warm socks and the BYU sweat shirt LaNell game me for Christmas last year and I was set. I had a plastic poncho (in case it rained or snowed during the game) and I just knew I'd be ok. Well it was in the 40's but during the game it didn't rain or snow. It was a delightful day for a football game. I knew if we won I would be warm enough. There was 65,000 blue blooded fans there and right on the row behind us there were three smart mouth UTE fans whose only purpose in life was to ruin our fun adventure. Well they were completely obnoxious, loud and of course berating BYU's team and cheering loud for New Mexico. I think they were a little surprised that none of us were taking the bait they were throwing out and mostly ignoring them when they yelled "I can't wait untl we (the U of U) come down here. We're going to KILL! Well that was as much as a young man could stand, he stood up and yelled back at them " THEY'RE NOT COMMING DOWN HERE THIS YEAR YOU IDIOTS" We all laughed as they didn't dare take on a 10-12 yr old boy surrounded by crazy blue blooded adults. That really did take a little wind out of their sails and then they left at half time and didn't come back. I couldn't believe they paid for a ticket to heckle fans - they truly didn't seem that interested in the game except to whoop it up when a BYU player missed a throw etc. It was a very physical hard faught game and I was very glad we won. I'm sure every conference game we have will be the same.
Sunday morning when I got up to snow covering the car, lawn and rose bushes I couldn't help but be a little excited because the first snow is so beautiful and a reminder of the changing seasons. I really did take pictures at the BYU game and Sunday morning of the snow but somehow in the many months since I have used my little digital camera I forgot how to get the settings right and all the pictures were black (and no the cap was not still on covering the lens) so I will have Dustin see if he can help me get the settings right again as I have no idea where the instructions are. So I had to use clip art for the picture on this post.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Post number 2 finally (whew)

A favorite picture taken Dad's last summer (2005)
It's taken me three days to find the New Post tag so I could write again so I am going to say I will keep on learning until I can actually post regular. My latest and only adventure this past week is picking tomatoes, squash and cucumbers in the garden. I was picking the sweet 100 tomatoes (a very sweet tiny cherry type tomato) when I stumbled on a big clod of dirt and took several running steps and finally landed on my butt with the bowl of tomatoes spread all over the lawn with me in the middle. My only thought was oh I hope no one saw that graceful move. Then I started laughing because I knew how funny I must look. Well I wasn't hurt and got my self back up and finished picking tomatoes, which I very much enjoy in my lunch. Now I know that's not much of an adventure but we take what we get sometimes. Thank you for all who commented in my blog. I was surprised that that many even read it. But then I stalk all the family blogs and love it. So I will try to be a little creative and get some interesting posts done. I guess I had better dust off my little digital camera and get some pics on it as well. This new activity might inspire me to have a more interesting life.

Friday, September 26, 2008

This is me, learning how to blog.

Man, I never thought I would do this, but I am excited to learn. I am going to try to import a picture now